What is the Partnering for Change Study?

The Partnering for Change (P4C) Implementation and Evaluation study examined the impact of delivering the P4C model in 40 schools, within two Community Care Access Centres (CCACs) and three school boards over the course of two school years. Data were collected from educators, parents, CCAC and school systems, and occupational therapists (OTs) to: describe the children identified using this model; determine child outcomes; measure change in the capacity of educators and families to support children’s participation; and understand the costs, supports and barriers to implementation of this model.

  • The P4C research project is based on an integrated approach to knowledge translation and use of participatory action research to ensure relevance to varied stakeholders who are interested in best practice for children with special needs.
  • Quantitative and qualitative research methodologies were utilized to enable determination of child, parent, educator and system outcomes, and to understand the supports, barriers, and activities required for effective, transformative service delivery.
  • The P4C research project is evidence-based and is supported by a multidisciplinary team of researchers.